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New Computer Design & Sourcing


We will help you Design the entire unit or Source specific Components.


We can analyze your existing computer along with how you use it, then help you decide whether it should be replaced. A general rule at this time is to retire a computer with a single core processor. The multi-core processor has been the standard since about the early to mid 2000's and many current processes and programs make use of this, even while surfing the web.


And if your computer was purchased with Windows XP or Vista, it's technology and software capabilities may no longer suit your needs.


If your PC or laptop just has performance issues that evolved over time, see our Performance Issues explanation.


You can specify a New Design, Refurbish, Update or Replace.


New Design: We will meet with you and determine your specifications according to How You Use your computer and What You Use It For.

We will:
Interview you and Design the system
Source all Parts and Components
Source the Windows operating system and all Application Programs
Install op-sys and program Updates
Install & tweak the Windows operating system
Install & tweak the Application Programs
Test and Deliver the system
If it's a Newer Operating System, we'll be glad to guide you through the Updates, Changes & Enhancements so you'll be comfortable using it.




Upgrade ~ Refurbish ~ Update ~ Replace


Refurbish: Analyze, disassemble, clean, replace defective or archaic parts, clean the Windows or optionally re-load the operating system, set up and test.


Maybe your computer can take advantage of the superior performance of a Solid State Drive - SSD to replace the HDD - Hard Disk Drive.


Update: Analyze, disassemble, clean, update parts and components, update the operating system and programs per review.


Replace: We will help you decide if your computer simply needs to be replaced.


This can be due to
Massive Virus problems
Outdated Processor (Intel or AMD)
Other Archaic or old hardware and/or software
»»  Remember that the Hard Drive will someday FAIL  ««
Defective hardware


» Build NEW «


Veteran & Senior Rates
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