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High Performance Over-Clocked System w/ Intel i7, i9, or AMD Ryzen. 8+ core CPU and
32-GB of FAST Memory and up to 7GB/s Solid State Drive
on a great Gaming Motherboard w/ 2.5 or 10 Gigabit Ethernet and
USB-C, HDMI & Display Port, ‘80 Plus Gold Certified’ PSU

Thunderbolt 4 and USB-3 Gen-2x2 and USB-2.0 ports
  -  Starting at $2500 (incl. Labor)  -


System includes (upgradable upon request):

The PC case and internal components only, no other external peripherals.

Gaming Motherboard w/ PCIe 4 / 5, M.2 and SATA-3, USB-C/2.0, dual Gigabit or greater Ethernet, RAID enabled

Intel or AMD latest generation i7/9 or Ryzen un-locked CPU (TurboBoost from 4+ GHz),
standard or upgrade heatsink & fan (upgrade to Liquid Cooling)

High Performance Corsair or G.Skill Over-Clocked DRAM

High Performance Pro Series SATA or M.2 storage SSD, PCIe-4 or 5 & SATA-3

On-board HD graphics w/ HDMI and DisplayPort that can accommodate multiple Hi-res monitors

On-board multi-channel Audio including Optical output

Corsair PSU, 80 Plus Gold, modular or semi-modular, 750+ Watt ATX Power Supply Unit

Case (simple but very nice) Front panel: high speed USB; Audio; DVD optical drive (optional Blu-ray)

ADD: 2nd drive (D:) - Install a brand new high quality 1 or 2-TB Solid State Drive

Optional: 1 or 2 Gaming Video Graphics PCIe card(s) (expensive add-on)

~  This is your chance to acquire a great PC with some future expansion & upgrades in mind!  ~

~  Windows Operating System, extra  (recommend Pro, not Home version)~


~  All parts are hand selected for Performance, Quality, Reliability and Reputation  ~


Online sites and other retailers will sell you a super flashy “Gaming Machine” for $1,200, but it may have an inferior CPU
as well as Memory and op-sys Drive, Power Supply, etc. etc.
Do you want to pay for GLITZ, or do you want your $$'s going toward Performance!
We don't make 'em flashy (except upon request) but we sure make 'em ROCK!


Price includes local Delivery and Installation of the Computer into your System including wireless Router and Printer, etc.






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